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Last night I wrote you a letter.

And it changed the world

Goodbye To You.....Your Taking Up My Time
3 July
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100% Straight Edge

I Will Not Partake In The Consumption Of Harmful Intoxicants . I Will Not Poison My Body With Drugs Or Alcohol Created For The Sole Purpose Of Recreational Distribution And "enjoyment". I Will Not Be Swayed Into Going The "popular Thing To Do Even If Slumber Nor A Drug Induced High. My Self-control And Strength To Avoid Substances Such As These Remains To Be Much Grater Than Any Desire I May Have To Use Them. I Will Not Be Pulled Into The Circle Of " The Popular People" Who Partake In Alcohol And Drug Consumption As A Means "enjoying" Life. There Are Much Better Activities That I Could Be Participating In With My Time. I Will Not Give Into The Sexual Temptation Shown And Practiced By Those Who Do Not Have Similar Beliefs As The Ones I Hold Dear. I Will Not Give Into Primal Urges That Our Modern Day Society Has Become To Acquainted With. Promiscuity Will Not Become A Problem For Me In My Everyday Life. My Control Over Myself Will Prevent My Participation In Any Promiscuously Sexual Acts. Sensual Activities Will Only Be Committed In Response To Truly Loving And Caring Emotions For Another. Thus Is My Undying Pledge To Avoid Consuming Drugs, Drinking Alcohol., And Being Promiscuous In Any Way. This Is My Oath To Straight-Edge. sXe 4 life

I'm not invincible, but i believe in myself, and i believe in Straight Edge.

I enjoy running with scissors
And your mother